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What to do if the electric bicycle battery is dead

What to do if the electric bicycle battery is dead

Electric bicycles offer many advantages over ordinary bicycles. But they have also increased some concerns because there are electronic components that need to be taken care of. For example, many people worry about what to do when the battery is dead (especially when you are out riding).

If your electric bicycle battery runs out while you are riding, the first thing you should do is to drive the bike off the road to a safe place. Secondly, you should check whether the battery is damaged.

Is the battery too hot (hot to the touch)? Or is it leaking acid or catching fire? Yes! Then you have a problem. Fortunately, in most cases, there is no reason to worry (except going home). And you can do something to get back on the road!

In this blog post, you will make sure that you know what to do if the battery of your e-bike is dead while riding (or in any other low-charge condition). In addition, this article will tell you what you can do to plan ahead and what you should take with you in case this unfortunate event happens.

If the battery is dead, can you ride an electric bike?
Generally speaking, you can still ride an electric bike without power. However, since the battery is dead, it will not power the motor. Therefore, you will have no pedal assistance and it will be much more difficult to ride.

Therefore, it can be difficult (or even impossible for some people) to move on.

If your electric bike has hydraulic brakes, they should continue to work even if the battery stops working. Therefore, you can decelerate by stepping on the pedals and applying the brakes like riding a normal bicycle.

Undoubtedly, after discovering any problems with the cycling power supply or battery pack, for safety reasons, you should stop as soon as possible. Check the battery to prevent damage to the bicycle.

electric bicycle battery

How to ride an electric bike home

If you lose the power of all the battery packs, please decide in advance how to ride an electric bike home!

The following are your choices:

1. If you have enough muscle strength and do not have a long journey home, you can step on it.

You will find that the bicycle is more difficult to move, and you have to put a lot of pressure on the pedals to make it move forward.

On the bright side, you will get good exercise! Since most electric bicycles are heavier than ordinary bicycles, you need to step on the extra weight of the bicycle as well as your own weight!

Having said that, I often ride an electric bike without any power assistance at all. I do this to exercise my leg muscles and increase aerobic exercise to get a good workout. Of course, if I lose motivation and have to ride a few miles home, it is still quite difficult (especially due to the hills).

In other words, riding without a battery will be more difficult, and you may not be able to go that far. If you don’t have a long-distance ride home, try stepping on the pedals without power for some extra exercise!

To make cycling home easier, you may need to choose a different route than you planned. Consider detours where possible to avoid large obstacles (such as steep hills, dirt roads, or gravel).

It may also help to remove the battery pack from the bicycle and put it in a backpack to reduce the weight of the bicycle itself.

2. When the battery is dead while you are riding, another option is to push your electric bike home.

Depending on your physical strength, this may not be a good choice. This will require a lot of upper body strength. In addition, you will push at a certain angle because you will lean to the heavier side than ordinary electric bicycles.

If you have to push for a long time, it can become very tiring. It may even cause injury (due to unnaturally twisting the body when applying pressure when moving the bicycle by hand).

In addition, safety is an issue on busy or fast roads.

3. Call for help (preferably prepare in advance)

If you really can’t ride an electric bike home, you can ask for help. There are phone numbers of friends and family, they can help and can put your bike in their car.

Obviously, this means that you should always carry your phone with you (and charge it!) when you ride.

4. Hitchhiking home

Well, this is not really advice. I would never do this, nor would I recommend it. In addition, you must find someone willing to pick you up and your big electric bike!

Bottom line: You can ride an electric bike without power, but you will spend more energy and feel tired more easily. If your battery dies while riding, the general rule of thumb is that you can still ride home-just be prepared to sweat!

What are the symptoms of a dead battery

You will know when the bike’s LED display turns off and you can’t transfer the electric bike’s battery to a dead gear. In addition, the throttle will not provide any power.

When your battery is dead, the bicycle will not be charged at all.

Therefore, your electric headlights and brake lights will not light up. And you will not be able to charge your phone (if your electric bike has a USB port).

electric bicycle battery

How to test your battery

If you are not sure whether your battery is working properly, you should test it.

First, disconnect it from the bicycle. Second, use a multimeter and connect it to both sides of the battery terminal. A low reading will indicate that it is not working well. If the reading is good, then it may not be your battery at all. Instead, you need to check whether the problem is with the controller of the electric bike.
How to restore an electric bike battery
Okay, what should I do now? Your battery is dead, and you still need to go home.

The best way to restore an electric bicycle battery is to simply charge it using the charger that comes with the bicycle.

Naturally, this means carrying the battery charger with you and riding near buildings with electricity and wall outlets available. You can usually charge batteries in fire stations, libraries, cafes, and other public buildings.

If the battery pack runs out when you are riding an electric bicycle in the country, a plug-in charger will not help you much. Therefore, if you plan to use this type of ride, you should carry an extra, fully charged battery with you.

In all cases, plan ahead! Make sure your battery is in working condition and you have the supplies you need to be able to ride.

How to charge a dead electric bicycle battery

If you can use a wall outlet, charging a dead battery is a simple solution.

Plug the charger into your electric bicycle. Then plug it into a power outlet. Most electric bicycle batteries have a USB charging port.

When should I replace the battery of the electric bike?

Using this method, you should be able to recover a dead battery within six hours. However, if nothing happens after 12 hours, your battery may be completely discharged (or your charger is not working).

You can find a charger and spare battery for your electric bike at Hotebike. It is best to buy batteries recommended by the manufacturer or that meet the exact specifications (same volts and amperages).

If you cannot use a wall outlet, and/or you do not have the charger that came with your bicycle, you will need to purchase a new charger.

Tips to ensure that your e-bike battery will not die while riding
If you are worried that the battery of your electric bicycle is low while riding, you can take the following measures to avoid this situation:

Check your battery level before (and after) each ride

If you are going for long-distance or mountainous riding, you should charge it to 100%. But plan ahead!

Check your battery the day before the ride to make sure it has time to fully charge. Don’t wait until you are about to leave. You may decide to ride with an 80% charged battery, but then realize that you made a mistake (when you were sitting on a dirt road with a dead battery).

This situation is also the reason why it is good to check the battery level after each ride… so no accidents!

When your electric bike and battery are new, ride it locally to find out the range of your bike.
The cruising range depends on several factors, including the quality of the battery, the motor, the use of electric pedal assist, the weight of the bike, the wind, and the terrain on which it is riding.

For example, if you are going up a lot of hills or riding on a bumpy bike path, you may use more electric power than riding on a flat paved road.

electric bicycle battery

Charge the battery regularly for best performance!

You don’t need to charge it every day (usually you shouldn’t… read below). But don’t overcharge it by plugging it all the way into an outlet or charging it every few miles you ride.

The best way to maintain an electric bicycle battery is to ride the bicycle several times a week, so that it needs to be recharged before you can ride it again.

Keep the battery charged properly

If you ride often, charge it to 80% or 90% (but if you are riding a long distance, be sure to charge it to 100%).

If you don’t ride often, it’s best to keep the battery level between 40-70%. Keeping it fully charged during storage will actually shorten its lifespan!

Protect your battery from heat and cold (just like your child!)
Generally speaking, 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal climate for batteries. At this temperature, we usually feel the best. So, as long as you treat it like your own child, it will be well taken care of.

But more importantly, do not charge the battery when it is below freezing or when it reaches 110 degrees Fahrenheit!

In summary

Although worrying about running out of battery while riding an electric bicycle is a common problem, it doesn’t actually need to be the case.

With a little planning and appropriate additional equipment, you don’t have to feel pressured when riding long distances! I recommend always riding with a fully charged battery, carrying a charger with you, and if possible, with an extra battery.

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