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What you must know about cycling pants

How to choose the best cycling pants

The most important thing! By the way, you can’t wear underwear if you wear any cycling pants

Speaking of cycling pants, you must understand the cushion.

Cycling pants are one of the most important riding equipment. It not only helps you relieve the pain, but also reduces wind resistance, improves comfort, and doubles the pleasure of riding.

Butt pain when riding a bicycle is a more complicated problem. Choosing a suitable pair of pants may solve half of the problem. A suitable seat and correct sitting posture are also indispensable.

Cycling pants are not as expensive as possible

Choosing pants should be based on your physical condition and riding habits.

For example, in general, the trouser cushions of professional teams are relatively thin, because professional athletes have very long-term training endurance. They are more concerned about improving the efficiency of pedaling and the breathability of long-term competition. A thin layer of sponge, It is enough to protect the skin from being worn out.

Thin cushions are not good for beginners. If it’s just a short ride on the weekend, don’t worry too much about the thickness of the cushion. If you are riding a long distance, choose a thicker cushion for comfort.

Bibs are very professional, but they are generally used for competitions and it is not convenient to wear them in the toilet.

Cycling pants Standard tight-fitting cycling pants with pads are universal for road/mountain cross-country. It can be called the best costume. Because this kind of cycling pants are mostly made of LYCRA fabric, it has strong elasticity and can move freely. The high-end cycling pants and COOLMAX material have excellent air permeability. Even if you wear cycling pants made of this fabric in summer, you will not feel uncomfortable.

Material of the pad

The common ones are silica gel and sponge. Silica gel is not air-permeable and will easily shrink and deform after a long time. Silicone pads installed on the buttocks feel worse than installed on the car seat, because the silicone is not breathable, and the crotch is not breathable, which can easily breed bacteria. Silicone is soft and elastic, while sponge has good air permeability. If you choose a good sponge, it will also have the elasticity of silicone. Don’t just look at the thickness of the sponge when choosing, it’s nothing more than a thick cloth, so be sure to choose the one that can still have a sense of sliding and resilience by pressing it hard.

The most important part of cycling pants is its cycling pad. Divided into cycling pants and cycling shorts, under normal circumstances, both have cycling pads. It has COOLMAX INVISTA moisture wicking function pad, which is 3D shaped according to the principle of ergonomics to ensure smooth blood flow during strenuous exercise, and good elasticity to avoid abrasions under intense riding conditions.

The fabric is treated with Swiss antibacterial technology and added with COOLMAX ingredients, which can quickly absorb moisture and wick away sweat and give you a dry skin. It also uses Japan’s imported Toray professional fabric for moisture wicking and cycling. The fabric is added with Lycra, and the fiber can be stretched freely and can quickly return to its original length after the external force is released, so that it has excellent shape retention. In addition, it is soft, quick-drying, not easy to change, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, and easy to clean.

Do girls still wear underwear in cycling shorts

Cycling pants are also men’s and women’s styles. For girls, we recommend seven-point cycling pants, which are better for body shape, or cycling skirts are more attractive. As long as the bike is cleaned thoroughly after riding every day, it is better not to wear it.

Cycling pants have thick cushions. Good cycling pants material wicks perspiration several times better than pure cotton underwear. Wearing underwear will hinder the designed perspiration effect of cycling pants, and the sweat can’t get out to breed bacteria and is unhygienic.

If you are embarrassed to wear leggings, you need to add underwear under the cycling pants. You can wear a cycling skirt or tennis skirt over the cycling pants. This guarantees beautiful appearance and normal perspiration.

Dress recommendations for autumn cycling wear

It was cold when I went out in the morning, sweating all over at noon; it was hot when I climbed the mountain, and it was cold when I went down the mountain.

Then you can try this way of dressing. Summer cycling clothes with sleeves and leg covers. Wear them at 20 degrees or more in spring or early autumn. It will not be cold. You can remove the sleeves and leg covers when it is hot. The sleeves and leg covers are small in size and can be conveniently placed in the back pocket of the cycling jersey. This makes it more tight and comfortable than a cycling windbreaker, and is easy to carry. If it is cold, add a cycling vest and change to a thicker fleece or windproof. Sleeves, leg covers. The principle is to choose small and portable accessories as much as possible, adding little by little to keep warm.

If you are riding a short distance, you should wear it as warm as possible. Choose a fleece jersey, which is breathable and warm, and will not sweat a lot. When the temperature is below 20 degrees, add a thin windbreaker for easy carrying , Replace in time, don’t be afraid of trouble, the principle is to sweat as little as possible. The pants must be of good quality. The tops can be ordinary ones, but the bottoms must be good.

The trousers are mainly designed for cycling in the cold season. This kind of pants fabric does not require high air permeability, but its heat preservation ability is better. Usually there are some reflective designs near the feet, which increase the aesthetics of the design and ensure the safety of night riding.

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