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Which E-bike batteries is right for you

Which E-bike batteries is right for you?

When we talk about the E-bike, you will naturally talk about E-bike batteries and motors. About E-bike batteries, they are arguably the most important aspect of any electric bike. For example, the batteries are going to affect your range, your power, your ability to climb hills and mountains, your charging time and the overall weight of the bike. Different material E-bike battery also have different effect for E-bike. Next we talk about the batteries for different material.

E-bike batteries

Lithium ion E-bike Batteries

There are a lot of E-bike batteries used lithium-ion E-bike batteries, and it have become the default battery, capturing over a majority of the market. why they can be the common E-bike batteries? On the one side, lithium-ion E-bike batteries last longer and generate more power than other E-bike batteries. On the other side, lithium-ion batteries have a great performance, but this E-bike battery type is very expensive, and shows little sign of getting cheaper. So the E-bike batteries capacity is larger, the cost is high.

E-bike batteries

Nickel-cadmium E-Bike Batteries

This is often abbreviated as Ni Cad. Although Nickel-cadmium batteries have more capacity and last longer than lead-acid battery, but they are expensive. It is also a nasty pollutant and hard to recycle. Because their chemistry doesn’t allow for rapid discharge, these are not a good choice of E-bike batteries, regardless of price.

E-bike batteries

Nickel Metal Hydride E-bike Batteries

In fact, Nickel Metal Hydride E-bike batteries more efficient  than Nickel Cadmium, but they are also more expensive. And they don’t perform especially well in regard to rapid discharge. Moreover, because the lithium-ion E-bike batteries occupied a majority of market, you’re most likely to buy a more power dense lithium-ion E-bike batteries rather than Nickel Metal Hydride E-bike batteries.

E-bike batteries

Lead-acid E-Bike Batteries

Compared with other E-bike batteries listed here, lead-acid E-bike batteries are heavier. Lead-acid E-bike batteries are cheap and easy to recycle. Because of that, they are  widely available, however they would not be the ideal choice for an electric bike. They are not a good choice if you’re serious about actually using your bike to commute. Despite this, they are still frequently used in many Asian countries for electric bikes.

E-bike batteries

How to get E-bike batteries last longer

As we all know, when your battery capacity gets larger, the E-bike battery of course becomes heavier and more expensive. No matter how much battery capacity, you will often hear battery life talked about in cycles. So the best way to prolong the life of your battery is to charge it often. You can achieve this by keeping a spare charger at work. In fact, the best way to increase performance and lifetime on a lithium battery is to reduce deep discharge cycles as much as possible. Another way to prolong the life of your battery is to keep it exercised during winter (or any other time when you are not using it). If you not using the E-bike batteries for several months during winter, you need to remember charging the E-bike batteries for 30 minutes per week to save any battery from dying on you.

E-bike batteries

If you are using the battery daily, you just make it easy to charge it fully. And just need to have a spare battery charger at your office, or else just carry the charger with you. Don’t wait till it’s totally discharged to give it more charge.

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