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Electric bike series/A5 Series/Electric City Bike/

48V 750W mid drive motor city electric bikes

max speed 25-35km/h
motor power 36V250W/350W
lithium battery 36V9AH/10AH
1:1 PAS mode, range 60-100km per charging
Short charging time-only 4-6 hours
SHIMANO 7/9 gears with derailleur
LCD display

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36V250W mens custom mid drive bicycles

36V250W/350W mid drive motor, 36V9AH/10AH hidden battery 

160 disc brake, brake safety increased by 20%, effectively preventing brake backward and forward. mid drive electric bike (3) 

Motor, 36V250W/48V500W, mid drive motor, max speed 35KM/H mid drive electric bike (1) 

Comfortable saddle, give you good riding feel.

 mid drive electric bike (2)

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