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Are Chinese electric bicycles good

    Are Chinese electric bicycles good


If you know exactly how to look, the answer is most likely yes!

When a man named Bin Chun introduced bicycles in China in the 1860s, the Chinese did not immediately embrace this two-wheeled pipe. The only people who use these bikes are Western expats who live there.

It was only after these foreigners’ years of fascination and dedication to bicycles that bicycles became of interest to the Chinese. More than a century later, China is now recognized as one of the most bike-friendly countries in the world.

In China, e-bikes are generally divided into two categories: bicycle-style electric bicycles (BSEB) and scooter-style electric bicycles (SSEB). The main difference between the two is their appearance.

It’s easy to understand, BSEB resembles a normal bicycle with fully operable pedals, while SSEB looks more like a typical scooter or motor vehicle with tail and brake lights. Whatever the difference, both e-bikes have the same technology and systems installed. Electric bikes in China, like any electric bike, have three main components: a motor, a battery, and a controller.

Almost all Chinese e-bikes use hub motors. It is very rare to see an e-bike with a mid-drive motor in China. A Stanford University study on the rise of electric bicycles in China noted that about 95 percent of Chinese electric bicycles are powered by large, heavy lead-acid batteries. Although China makes its own electric bikes, until now, some (like the early Chinese) are still preoccupied with Western-made products.

Are Chinese bicycles necessarily inferior to Western bicycles?

China has been quick to keep up with changing technology in the industry – including the bicycle industry. For the most part, the West started developing sophisticated bike models that offered riders a variety of amazing benefits, called e-bikes, but China also produced its own bikes.

MOUNTAIN BIKE20 inch folding ebike

Their own mass-produced e-bikes are a way to offer e-bikes to their own citizens at a lower price. With price as their main selling point, these e-bikes are increasingly being offered to other countries as they grow in their own territories.

But people still see things made in China as low-quality, fragile, and substandard. This may be because they are relatively cheaper than Western-produced bikes. But that doesn’t have to be true. Price does not necessarily correlate with quality. Cheap does not equal less; likewise, expensive does not immediately mean the gold standard.

The key to finding a good electric bike from China is to have a better understanding of what to look for when buying online. (Because, if you don’t live in China, where else would you buy one?) When considering a Chinese e-bike, read on to make sure you’re buying wisely.

What is the difference between Chinese electric bicycles?

To understand why e-bikes in China are so cheap, one must first understand the importance of bicycles in China. Bicycles are the main means of transportation there. For every car, there are ten bicycles.

In fact, every household has at least one bicycle; a recent study summed this up as a billion bicycles today. As for electric bicycles, there are currently 200 million in the country, and an average of 30 million are added to China’s roads every year. Given this high demand, more manufacturers will emerge from this huge demand. As a rule of thumb, the more competitors, the lower the price.

In addition to being affordable, Chinese e-bikes are also competent in terms of quality. Since the Chinese typically use their e-bikes for industrial use and daily transportation, these e-bikes are designed specifically for this purpose.

Two notable features of Chinese e-bikes are longer-lasting batteries and more powerful in-wheel motors. A common problem with e-bikes is that normal batteries tend to lose power after one to two hours of continuous use. For everyday local Chinese, they will need more power that can last for hours, which is why their bikes can go further, especially on busy days. The same thing can be applied to its motors. Motors in Chinese e-bikes tend to endure longer rides than regular e-bikes.

Now that you know that Chinese e-bikes are not bad at all, you must now know how to find the best price on the market.

How to find the best Chinese electric bikes for your money?

Buying cheap shouldn’t mean less. While you already know that Chinese e-bikes are built to last, it’s still important to find a seller you can trust with your hard-earned money, regardless of whether your intuition beats you many times before you pay.

You may come across cheap but also “cheap” quality products. You can never be too careful. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! With the help of the Internet, you can find everything with just a Google search!

Here are 4 tips to make sure you’re getting the best deal at low prices in China!

1. Do a background check on the manufacturer – While e-bikes may seem like a good deal at first glance, it’s important to do a quick check on the manufacturer.

Is it popular enough and has a lot of good reviews?

Is it one of the trusted brands in China?

If you answered a rock-solid “yes” to both of these questions, then you’re likely to move on to the next three items on this list.

If your answer is no, and the manufacturer may seem a little “skunky” and doesn’t have enough reviews to satisfy you, you may want to check out other more popular manufacturers to be safe.

2. Find a safety net – we know you’re excited to get your hands on one of China’s famous electric bikes soon.

However, it’s important to make sure your manufacturer provides a warranty or any kind of safety net/guarantee in the event of a factory defect or other difficulties that are far from what you expected.

The last thing you want to experience is a faulty e-bike that can’t be returned to its manufacturer and your money will be gone forever.

EBIKEElectric mountain bike

3. Make sure they provide a valid email/contact number – this is a non-negotiable factor, especially with any online purchase. You need to make sure they have a complete set of contact details such as email addresses, mobile numbers/hotlines and if possible even social media accounts. This will give you a sense of security if you have problems after the e-bike arrives.

4. Look for certifications – like the first item on this list, follow your background check and look specifically for relevant certifications related to safety, quality, or any form of legality. Once you find a certificate that might please you, you’re ready to go!

In summary,Buying an electric bike isn’t as simple as buying toilet paper from your local grocery store. This is a more serious decision that requires adequate risk assessment and proper education. We know it’s not easy to trust random strangers on the internet whose deals seem too good to be true.

We also know that while you’re used to products from China that don’t function well, you can now rest easy knowing that Chinese e-bikes have refuted this popular misconception. But even if Chinese e-bikes are good, you still have to be careful to really understand where your e-bike is coming from before spending money on one. Because after all, your safety is paramount and you cannot risk it at all costs.

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