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Portable Electric Bicycle folding electric bike

Portable Electric Bicycle folding electric bike

Have big weekend plans but need a bike that can be stored in a tight space? We got you. Our portable electric foldingelectric bikes were designed to accommodate those living in less-than-spacious quarters. Since then, they’ve found a wide audience, from RVers and off-road enthusiasts to daily commuters and cycling enthusiasts. The robust folding capabilities include ergonomic handlebars and pedals that can be tucked-in to help you get the very most out of your space.

Nowadays, folding bikes come in different designs for different purposes. People like them for their overall ease-of-use and practicality, which allows you to take them almost anywhere.

Whether you are looking for a sleek and retro-inspired folding bike or something more contemporary with the latest innovative features, there is a model out there to suit your style and bring out your personality.

Tired of commuting with your car? Over the last ten years, electric bikes have posed an intriguing alternative to those with short-medium distance commutes. Folding electric bikes add a few further benefits to the equation.

You can take them everywhere,

Plus, you don’t have to fret about your bike getting stolen!

1. Hotebike A6AH20F

20 inch 250w 350w motor beach fat tire folding electric bike

Portable Electric Bicycle folding electric bike

(1) World Premiere 20 inch electric fat tire bike.

     Motor:36V 250W/350W/500W

     Max Speed:25-32KM/H


(2) 250w/350w/500w Gearless Brushless Hub Motor

     High Efficiency>80%

     Low noise<60D

     Operating Temperature-20-50℃

(3)36V 10AH/13.6AH Hidden Lithium Battery

    Charing time:5-7hours

    Easy to remove to charge

    Long cyclelife cells

    Waterproof design

    Hidden in frame design

(3) Powerful Imitation Torque Sine Wave Conctroller

    SMT Production Process

    High efficiency

    Lower Starting Noise

    HIgh Power 6-18 MOSFET

    High-Speed Cooling technology

(4) Big screen waterproof multi-function LCD display

     A digital screen and fancy look control all function on your ebike.

(5)3W LED Front Light With USB Charging Port.

    Provides bright riding vision and ensures safety at night.

2. Hotebike A7AM20

350W Portable electric bicycle Folding electric bike with dual disc brake

Portable Electric Bicycle folding electric bike

There is no best choice of electric bike, just the most suitable for you. Shuangye electric bike, only manufacture the most suitable electric bike for you. Do our most, give you the best.

(1) 36V 350W brushless hub motor. Strong and efficient, this motor    providing ideal power for electric bike.

(2) Lithium battery. 36V/48V waterproof lithium battery removable.

(3) Big screen waterproof multi-function LCD display.

     A digital screen and fancy look, control all functions on your ebike.

(4)160 Mechainical Disc Brake System.Stil provides excellent braking performance in wet and muddy conditions.

(5)KENDA TIRE 20”*4.0 fat tire、famous brand、anti slip、durable

3. Hotebike A1-7

20 inch foldable ebike  cheap electric folding bike 36v 250w 350w 

Portable Electric Bicycle folding electric bike

1.36V 250W 350W brushless hub motor

This brushless hub motor can providing ideal power for this folding electric bike, it’s more strong and efficiency. The high effiency is more than 80%. This bike has a 250w or 350w brushless motor, and 10AH lithium battery. This fodable electric bike’s max speed is 25-32km/h, and the max range is 40-60KM.

2.36V 10AH Hidden Lithium Battery

This folding electric bike’s battery is hidden in frame design and waterproof design, and this battery charging time is only 5-7 hours and the max range is 40-60KM.

3.160 disc brake

This electric bike’s brake system provides excellent braking, and performance in wet and muddy conditions. It will ensure your safty when braking.

4.LED headlight with USB port

This electric bike has a LED headlight that ensures a clear view for night riding, and it also has a USB charging port, so when your phone running out of electric power you can use it charges your phone .

5.Applicable user

This folding ebike’s tire is 20 inch, and we recommend 145cm-185cm height people to ride it, and the max supportive weight is 150kg.

If you are interested in our electric bicycles, you can log on our official website to know more about details. If you have any query please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your arrival. www.zhsydz.com

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