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Biking commuter ebike and environment

Biking commuter ebike and environment

Except cheaper than car, more convenient than subway, why most people bike a commuter ebike? Actually, they enjoy the freedom of exploring the world in a more personal, up close setting. There’s nothing that compares to the feeling of wind blowing against your face as you cycle down a city street or rural landscape. You can bike slowly to view the scenery of city and rural, relaxing your mind and body. A commuter ebike also a good transportation for commuters when their work place near their house. Do not need to wait the bus or subway,even avoid jam traffic. Biking also benefits the environment, not only by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, biking also leaves a smaller carbon footprint from concept to chainstay. Find out how to commuter ebike to a cleaner environment.

Why choose commuter ebike, not car

Let’s know the cars how to affect the environment? Most of cars, trucks are gas-guzzling vehicles, so they would release nearly 1.7 billion tons of greenhouse gases into the Earth’s atmosphere each year. The vast majority of these gases are carbon dioxide, although more vehicles also release a number of other Earth-warming gases, including methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and various hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). All these gases will affect our environment, especially environment temperature.

In addition to warming the environment, many of the gasses emitted by vehicles have been linked to respiratory illness and even heart disease. These vehicles gases also affect people health. Health problems such as these are particularly commonplace in densely packed cities. However, even in less dense rural areas, people health problems have been linked to vehicle emissions. Maybe that is why most of people would choose commuter ebike as their transportation.

Biking commuter ebike make the environment better

Now we have more choice as transportation for commuting and traveling.  In the aspect of carbon dioxide, biking a commuter ebike to work better than driving a car to work everyday. Compared with cars, a commuter bike will release zero carbon dioxide, not any other greenhouse gas. Present, use electricity more eco-friendly than use gasoline. It is a fun and Eco-friendly way to commute and travel everyday, also doing your part to promote a clean environment.

Jam traffic is a annoying thing. But a lesser-knower benefit of biking commuter ebike is its positive impact on traffic congestion. As cities become more dense, the roads naturally fill with more cars. And more cars means more pollution. Opting to cycle ebike to work reduces both traffic congestion, as well as the need for gasoline. It’s not huge amount, but if everyone ride their ebike instead of drive their car for everyday of the week, it would have a profound impact on the environment. Actually, the only real Eco-friendly means of transportation is walking or biking.

Which commuter ebike is better?

After all, biking commuter ebike has a lot of benefits. It not only friendly to envirionment, but also can exercise our body. How to choose a suitable commuter ebike? There are fold ebike, city ebikes, classic frame ebike and so on. If your apartment have not too much space, fold ebikes is suitable for you and do not need to consider the parking space. Like Shuangye A1-7, A1-R, A1-S. And the city ebike is suit more people, young and elders is suitable. Like Shuangye A3AL24, A5AH26, A3AL26. Each commuter ebike has its benefits, you can choose the best one depend on your need.

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