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Why get an hybrid electric bike

Why get an hybrid electric bike

When you make a decision to get a hybrid electric bike, you need to assess what you want and needs at that moment. And this is a question appear in your mind, what do you want this bike to do for you? Maybe is something for fun, exercise, commute or a means of transportation. And this post tell you that each hybrid electric bike can fulfill all four of these, and every category of bike can do it. In some situation, choosing a hybrid electric bike is better than e scooter. Hybrid electric bike as a transportation is benefit of more distance coverable in a shorter amount of time. Should we get a hybrid electric bike?

Here are some advantages about choosing hybrid electric bike.

Commuting – A hybrid electric bike is a good transportation for commuting. You can commute to work and  without arriving a completely exhausted, sweaty mess. So you do not worry about get your shirt wet and need to prepare two suit of clothes. Even if you are having to commute through long distances or having to conquer hills on your daily ride, a hybrid electric bike can provides you a non-sweaty riding every day.

Easing – Unlike normal bike, if you have pain in your legs and feet, cycling the hybrid electric bike is still possible. In fact, many riders have joint pain in their hips and knees, and they will find that hybrid electric bikes are a great way to cycle without over extending themselves. Definitely talk to your doctor before exerting yourself on any bicycle if you have any questions.

Carrying – Just use a hybrid electric bike can pull more stuff and cargo, definitely help when you have to carry heavy something and daily stuff frequently. Usually, more hybrid electric bike can maintain 25km/h and travel 40km while loading 150kgs! Also some bikes can get up to 30km/h-35km/h.

Convenient – As we all know hybrid electric bike do not require a drivers license like car. Although some districts limit the speed of bike, but it still a great choice than car. You can park the bike every place where not hinder anyone else, like in front of shop, in office, do not need to find the parking space.  Compared with a car and motorcycle,  a hybrid electric bike is also cheaper, environmentally friendly and healthier choice.

Here are a few hybrid electric bikes we recommend:

Model A6AH26

This hybrid electric bike used hidden battery design on the bike frame, make the appearance of bike is similar with a regular bike. 36v 8ah/10ah battery and 250w/350w hub motor can make the bike travel up to 40km and get up to 25km/h and 30km/h. It also has higher power, like 48v battery and 500w/750w motor, you can choose.

Model A6AH26MD

It is a new mid-drive motor hybrid electric bike, 250w mid-drive motor and 36v battery not only can ride in the city, but also have better gradeability than common hub motor.If you living in hilly areas, need to go through a lot hillsides, this bike maybe id you good choice. But compared other bikes, the price would be a little high.

Model A1-7

A fold design bike frame and 20 inch wheels are suitable for commuting. Small and convenient, 250w hub motor and 36v hidden battery can get up to 25km/h max speed, the charging time just need to take 5-7 hours. You can fold it and than store at a corner.

Model A5AH26

This is a hybrid electric bike suitable for everyone, except children. It is a transportation for commuting and exercising. Making ensure you have a good riding experience, this bike used 250w/350w hub motor, 36v battery,160 display, 7/9/21 speed and LCD display to know the bike real time information. It also offer 500w/750w hub motor and 48v battery, if you like higher power.

Model A3AL28

Classic bike frame, if no one tell you this is a hybrid electric bike, maybe you can find. Maybe you can according to the LCD display and hub motor to decide it is a electric bike, 250w motor power and 25km/h max speed are suitable for many districts and countries regulation. It also has 24-inch wheel can choose.

If you want to know more above electric bikes information, please leave messages below or contact us freely! Visit our Official Website to browse more electric bikes.



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