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Controller Common Failures Of E-bike

1.E-Bike Controller Common Failures :Riding noise, ebike speed becomes slow, the ebike can not be zero start after parking, need the motor to turn up to normal operation

    This belongs to the motor is out of phase symptoms, now the controller is mostly intelligent, due to the lack of phase zero start will jitter. This may be the motor Hall damage and failure, there is a possibility that a circuit inside the controller problems. First carefully check the connection line is not a problem, Hall, connection line are detected normal, then is the controller internal components generated by the failure, need to replace the controller!


2.The electric bicycle does not start, pushing forward with great effort, and accompanied by the sound

    This situation is the motor line due to poor contact caused by a short circuit, you can unplug the motor three thick phase line, cart

force phenomenon disappeared, indicating that the controller is bad, need to be replaced in a timely manner. If it is still difficult to implement, it means that there is a problem with the motor, it is possible that the motor coil short-circuit burned out.

3.The electric bicycle can start normally immediately does not turn

    The factors that cause this phenomenon are: 1. the power is insufficient, the controller to play the state of undervoltage protection. 2.check whether the line contact is poor, to speed up the current increase in power “obstruction” and power off, which is often a false solder!
    The electric bike has an undervoltage value, when driving to the undervoltage point controller will stop power supply riding or speed slowdown. 48V electric bike for 42V undervoltage point,60V electric bike for 52V undervoltage point.

4. The installation of the controller should pay attention to the main points

    The controller controls the motor, we must be careful when connecting the controller, installation, wiring can not be sloppy, the best turn line without plug-in, it is best to turn the line directly connected, with insulation tape “wrap” good, because the turn plug in case of water will cause the car does not go or flying car uncontrolled danger.
    There are power lines, motor lines to be connected to the real, the best solder solder down, to avoid poor contact and damage! At the same time to avoid riding due to false connection and cause line burn or motor line adhesion and burn the controller!

Electric bicycle control failure simple inspection and repair

1. check the power management circuit, use a multimeter to measure whether the output voltage at each point is correct. If there is a problem, find the damaged components for replacement. If the voltage at each point is normal, then conduct other searches.


2.Check the interface with external functional parts. Focus on the interface with the turnbuckle and the brake. Find the input pin of the handle on the main control chip, turn the handle, and measure whether the voltage value of the point changes from small to large (usually 1-4V). But if there is no change, it means that there is a problem with the input circuit of the handle. If it is normal, find the brake input pin on the main control chip and measure whether the voltage of the pin is normal to determine whether there is a problem with the brake input circuit.


3. Check the main chip. Find the PWM output position from the circuit board, turn the handle and measure whether the voltage value of the point changes (usually 0-5V). If there is no change, the chip can be judged to be damaged. If normal, continue to find the back.


4. check the power tube drive circuit. Turn the handle to measure the MOS tube gate voltage value from small to large voltage changes. If no change, it means that the drive circuit in addition to the problem, find the damaged components for replacement, the fault is eliminated. If the change is normal, the drive circuit is not a problem. At this point, the cause of the fault can be judged to be MOS power tube breakage damage.

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