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Electric bicycle VS electric scooter: which is more suitable for commuting

Electric bicycle VS electric scooter: which is more suitable for commuting

If you never been in contact with electric bicycle, maybe your first question probably is: What’s an electric bicycle? In short, an electric bicycle is a bicycle with a battery and a motor. Electric scooter is also slowly popular with a growing electric bicycle selection. In many countries, they are also becoming more and more popular. You may have already seen one and did not know it. Many electric bicycle looks like a regular bicycle if you don’t look closely, and electric scooters look like an ordinary scooter but it is bigger because of the battery and the motor.

Both the electric bicycle and electric scooter are great transportation alternatives and can be used as a daily commuter and daily travel.  An electric scooter or electric bicycle can get you to work without any sweat. An electric bicycle or electric scooter is also great for older people to get around and for people with other health issues that make it difficult to ride a standard bike. Then compare the electric bicycle with electric scooter and try to find out which is more suitable  being a daily transportation for commuting.

Electric bicycle

Now some electric bicycle battery charging time is much short and can go further on a single charge. These make electric bicycle ideal for short-distance city commuting. Some electric bicycles with the hidden battery can look like a regular bicycle, like most of Shuangye electric bikes, which used hidden battery on the bike, some batteries can support removable.

Actually, electric bike looks like a regular bike but has a motor mounted in one of three locations. Rear hub motor, centre hub motor or front hub motor. There are some new design of electric bicycle allow you the option of throttle control or pedal assistance, it also equipped with three riding modes. If you run out of power, you can still choose Pedaling mode to biking to arrive your destination with no big problem, unlike electric scooter. There are also electric mountain bikes available with fat tires, full suspension and more power that are great for trail riding. For example, Shuangye A6AH26F fat tire mountain electric bike.

Electric scooter

It is a little confusion, because there are a number of vehicles that can be called electric scooter. Unlike electric bicycle, electric scooter has not pedal, depend on throttle control when riding. But now I just want to talk about the most basic one. The original scooter had no power and required pushing with one leg. Now people have been combining the battery and the motor on scooters for fun. So it is another great transportation choice for daily commuting and travel.

The electric scooter are foldable and are very high quality. A good example is the Shuangye electric bike, which is also offer electric scooter for customer.  Some of electric scooters with seat for those who always feel tired after work. This type of electric scooter is a comfortable and relaxing ride that is very portable and is great to augment to your commute to work. It can be taken on trains and buses and easily stored inside. But the  electric scooter with a seat is a little more expensive than the electric scooter without seat.

Which one is best?

The cost of a high-quality electric scooter is similar to that of an electric bike. If you want to faster speed and carry some stuff, maybe electric bicycle is more suitable for you. And the maintenance on an electric bicycle is a little easier than working on an electric scooter. Although running cost is about the same but you will get a further range on an electric bicycle because you are adding to the power by pedaling. As the same time, electric bicycle can easily be pedalled, even when the motor is shut off.  But if you think that the electric bike is too big, the electric scooter is for you. Just fold it and put in the corner, don’t occupied you too much space. And its speed is not fast but also not slow, if you don’t have any requirement for speed, it is a great choice and easy handle transportation.

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