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What is bottle electric bike battery

What is bottle electric bike battery

In the face of so many electric bike battery types, some one will be ask “What is bottle electric bike battery? ” The simplest answer must be that the electric bike battery looks like a water bottle on the electric bike.

Why people want to choose bottle electric bike battery? I think the first reason is bottle electric bike battery can offer more electric quantity to ride when the battery fully charged. When you install a bottle electric bike battery, it can support a more powerful motor. So you can enjoy riding without worry about the electric quantity and any complex road conditions.  

More bottle electric bike battery made up individual lithium ion cells. For safety and convenience, the bottle electric bike battery is locked in with a key, and it easy to remove and take indoors when you worry the bottle electric bike battery was stole by thefts. Besides, under regular conditions, this electric bike battery performs well with you regular maintain.

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