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Hidden battery and Bottle battery road electric bike

Hidden battery and Bottle battery road electric bike

Light and fast riding road electric bikes are the favorite of commuters and leisure travelers. Because the super light weight of the road electric bike allows it to be lifted by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Why people like road electric bike? I just said it can take us capable, stable, fast, and so much fun. In road electric bike market, we can find hidden battery road electric bike at anywhere. Sometime you can also find one or two riding an bottle battery road electric bike on the street. Let us talk about Shuangye A6-R hidden battery electric road bike and bottle battery one. Which one is more popular?

Actually, there are two main different part of these two bikes. One is the appearance of road electric bikes and the other is the weight of bikes. Especially battery shape when we talk about the bike appearance major influence factor. An road electric bike used concealed battery in the down tube of frame and another one road electric bike mounted bottle battery on the bike frame down tube.

But only bottle battery support removable and took at other place to charge. Even the hidden battery can’t remove battery to charge, the weight of bike can deal with your problem. In comparison with bottle battery road electric bike, hidden battery road electric bike lighter than it because of the weight of battery and motor. So you can move the hidden battery road electric bike near to the household outlet charging, you can move it easily without sweat.

Both of them battery adopted 24V/36V 10.4AH lithium-ion battery, it can travel up to 40km with E-bike mode and 60km with pedal assist mode on a single charge. And hidden battery and bottle battery road electric bike equipped with 24V/36V 250W rear brushless geared hub motor which give a boost up to 25km/h, but bottle battery bike have one more choice that it can support 350W motor. Combine with battery and motor assist you cycling easy whatever you shuttle in the streets or cycle racing. Electric bike often tend to use in people daily life to help them save more time and energy.

One thing is also importance in road electric bike that is digital display system. It would help you know the road electric bike’ s real-time information. For users know their bike clearly, Shuangye road electric bikes featured a LCD display screen on the center of handlebar. This display will tell you the bike of assistance level, distance travelled, real time speed, current motor operating temperature, remaining battery, front light sign, error sign and so on. 

Shuangye road electric bikes used durable 6061 aluminum alloy as bike frame and front fork. there are two quick release for bike part, one for seat post and other for front wheel. And each bike also adopted rust resistant chain, comfortable saddle,SHIMANO 7/21/27 speed derailleur and 1:1 pedal assistant system, a small 3W LED front light with USB mobile phone charging port for night cycling. All of Shuangye road electric bike use standard wheel size – 700*25C.

If you are interested in hidden battery or bottle battery road electric bike, you can leave a message below. Visit our official website to browse more electric bikes.



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