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Should you buy an electric sport bike?

Should you buy an electric sport bike?

What do you think if someone by an electric sport bike? Convenient, efficient or lazy. In fact, we had a lot of things to consider when we went to buy an E Bike! Especially, for 30-65 years people, an electric bike can get them out in the fresh air and sunshine. At those very flat areas, ride an e-bike didn’t need the assisted power for hills. And the powered bike provided everyone with much greater range.

electric sport bike

In some European cities, electric bike have been sold for a long time and have evolved with great European style. You could see an electric bike was both powered and small enough to fold into bus, subway and car trunk. There are even foldable mountain electric sport bike. In other places, the market of ebike was not as developed. But the aging population and the change of life way was creating an emerging market. The purchase of electric sports bike also represents the rise of people’s living standards. Making your life more efficient.

How do you buy an electric sport bike?

Here are some selection criteria to help you how do you buy a perfect e-bike for you.

Frame Size / Shape

If you want to bring it travel with you, folding ebikes may have been practical for travelling, but the smaller wheels meant you worked harder or smaller battery capacity choice. If you require a low step-over frame, theses city electric bikes would suitable for you. And most of the mountain type ebike had much standard triangle bike frames.

electric sport bike

Batteries – Capacity and Type

Battery capacity was measured in Amp Hours. It was a measure of how long we could go before charging. Most bikes came standard with about 10 Amp Hours. If you looked for more, there are 13-30 Amp Hours you can choose in Shuangye, but you have a bit longer time on charging. All of electric sport bike come standard with lithium batteries, which are safer, lighter and pack more energy for their weight. You could choose different capacity depend your customers or your market.

electric sport bike

Motor – Capacity and Location

Motor capacity was measured in Watts and gave you an idea of how much extra assistance the motor give you. Most of the eBikes came standard with about 250 Watts in European. But in some areas, it is allowed 350 Watts to 2000 Watts electric sport bike, like the North America. Commonly, the motor was on the ebike rear wheel drive. This location is very common and could even be retrofitted to existing bike frames. If you are in rugged terrain or hilly areas, mid drive motor electric bicycle is better, which motor at the pedals.

electric sport bike

Shuangye electric bike is 12 years manufacturer and exporter, if you are interested in electric sport bike, visit our Official Website or leave your message below.


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