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Shuangye ebike lightest carbon fiber frame A6CB26

26″ and 27.5″carbon fiber frame.
Shimano 27 Speed transmission system.

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SHUANGYE NEW EBIKE. THE LIGHTEST EBIKE ON THE MARKET! THIS IS ELECTRIC!!! 26″ and 27.5″ frame for your choice,Ultralight carbon fiber material,see follow picture that frame just 1.33KG.EBIKE_01 Shuangye ebike lightest carbon fiber frame Ebike Battery is removable and can do over 50km in pedal assist. You can go up any incline with very little effort.This ebike is lighter than most bicycles. Weighs only 19kg with battery and motor! Making it the lightest full ebike around! Features removeable lithium battery. EBIKE_02EBIKE_03Shuangye ebike lightest carbon fiber frameRear driver 250 watt motor capable of producing over 600 watts of peak power directly to the drive-train to make climbing hills and maintaining speed easier than ever. Carbon Fiber frame makes this one of the lightest electric bikes currently on the market. this ebike is quick and nimble making it a joy to ride whether using the electric pedal assist or without. Full aluminum suspensions fork with lock,riding Smooth and comfortable. The 27-speed drive-train makes it easy to maximize pedal efficiency on the climbs, while having enough range to power you through the flats to easily reach speeds of 32 KM/H. φ160 Disc brakes with motor cut off ensure that it’s easy to stop the ebike quickly and safely. Integrated digital display makes it easy to view key statistics while you ride, including speed, watts, battery power, temperature and trip distance. Front headlight upgrade

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