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Electric carbon fiber bike 26-inch integrated wheel A6CB26M

Frame: Carbon fibre
Motor: 36V 250W/350W Hub Motor
Battery: 36V 10Ah removbale bottle battery
Display: LCD Screen Control
Gears: 7/21/27 Gears
Brakes: 160 mechanical disc brake
Tyres: 26″*1.95/700*40C/29″*2.1
Max Speed: 25k-30m/h
Max Range: 40-60km
Max Load:120kg-150kg

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Electric carbon fiber bike 26-inch integrated wheel

Carbon fibre also a great bike frame material thanks to its stiffness, strength and malleability. Based on the feactor of frame material, carbon fibre bike weight is lighter than aluminum alloy frame. the main benefit for common ridrs is the riding comfot of electric carbon fibre bike. And this electric carbon fibre bike also come with a pair of 26-inch magnesium alloy integrated wheel. If you don’t like heavy and bulkly electric bike, electric carbon fibre bike is suitable for you, which is light, storng, and durable.

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This electric carbon fibre bike equipped with 250w or 350w brushless motor on rear wheel to enhances bike propulsion to save riders more energy. A electric motor make electric carbon fibre bike easy to reach a max speed 25-30km/h. Even if high speed riding or ride up hill, the motor always provides enough power for riders to get their riding needs.


36v bottle lithium battery make this carbon fibre bike can ride up to 40-60km on single charge. Talk to charging, It is also so convenient to charge the battery because of removable design. Just take out the battery with key and then find a socket to charge with the supplied 42V 2A charger, the charging time is about 5-7 hours. 

Display and Handlebar

In order to riders know the bicycle biking real-time information, this electric carbon fibre bike equipped with a waterproof LCD display that installed in the center of the handlebar , you can know the remain battery power, temperature, riding speed, real-time motor power, total trip, and more. Based on the information, you can adjust your riding plan. There is a 21 speed conjointed shifter and brake levers make ridre change the gears easily and brake the bike. The thumb throttle combine Pedal-Assist mode bring riders two riding choice.

Brake system

In order to ensure each rider riding safety, adopt with 160 mechanical disc brake on front and rear wheel. Even if in wet or cold weather or emergency situations. it can immediately provide a strong braking force to bike. There is also a quick release set on front wheel, it is easy to remove the front wheel when you need. Except mechancial disc brake, there is mechanical disc brake could be chosen.

Wheel Rim

Magnesium alloy integrated wheel more rigid, handle higher speeds and higher amounts of horsepower and torque with relative ease. The solid, unflexing nature also makes the magnesium alloy integrated wheels more predictable in riding, especially at higher cornering speeds where stability and consistency are paramount.

If you interested in carbon fibre electric bike, contact us please. 

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