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Electric bike battery usage problems

Electric bike battery usage problems

When using an electric bicycle, if you don’t pay much attention to battery maintenance, it will greatly affect the service life of the electric bike battery and thus affect the experience of using the electric bicycle. The following points are the battery usage issues that we should pay more attention to:

1. Almost all types of batteries are affected by ambient temperature. Generally speaking, the discharge of the battery when the temperature is higher

Can be better. When the temperature is <0 degrees, the battery power may drop by more than 1/3. So when winter comes or it’s cold

In the area, continuous driving and reduction after a single charge are normal. When riding in winter, please try to use full pedaling assistance.

This not only allows your body to be exercised, does not allow your legs and feet to be frozen, but also helps to extend the use of the battery.

Service life (because the low temperature reduces the capacity of the electric bike battery, the same riding distance, the depth of discharge increases). When the temperature returns

When it rises above 20 degrees, its function will be restored naturally. But when the temperature exceeds 60 degrees (such as the sun exposure in summer for too long

Long), which may affect the normal use of the car’s electrical appliances.

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2. Before leaving the factory, the continental series electric vehicles have undergone a “spray” experiment. They are not afraid of rain or snow but cannot wading. When the water level

When the controller, wire circuit or motor hub is flooded, it will cause a short circuit and damage the electrical appliances; please do not use the electric

If the car is parked in rain for a long time, it may cause rainwater to seep into the vitality of electrical appliances. Please pay attention! 

3. Lead batteries used in electric bicycles are consumables, and their life span is only 1.5 to 2.5 years, and the life expectancy is long or short.

The daily use and maintenance has a great relationship. Generally speaking, pay attention to the following points:

① The smaller the depth of discharge of the battery each time, the longer the life pulse of the battery. Therefore, no matter how large a battery pack is used, the user should develop a good habit of charging as soon as it is used.

②When the battery needs to be stored for a long time, the heart must be fully charged and recharged regularly, usually every 1 to 2 months.

③High-current discharge will damage the battery to a certain extent, so please use your pedals to help when starting and going uphill.

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4. The load capacity of the Continental series electric bicycles is 75~100 kg, so please do not bring people and heavy objects.

5. Electric bicycles are not suitable for driving on uneven or steep roads. If you encounter such roads, please get out of the car.

6. The seat height of the electric bicycle is subject to the fact that the rider’s feet can reach the ground to ensure safety.

7. The key to determining the quality of electric bicycles is the quality of motors and batteries. High-quality motor symphony has low consumption and efficiency

High, long driving range, good for the battery; as for the battery, it is almost the determining factor for the quality of an electric bicycle.

White. Electric bicycles on the market basically use maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, which have low price,

Excellent electrical performance, no memory effect, easy to use and other characteristics.

 8. Brand: Since the electric vehicle is a battery used in series, the electric bike battery must pass strict.Optional, to ensure the consistency of each battery, to ensure the performance of the entire battery pack. Otherwise, the performance of the battery pack

A poorer battery will quickly deplete, and the consequence is that your car may have been riding for 3 or 4 months, so it’s time to change the battery.

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