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How To Take Care Of Your E-Bike Battery?

Electric bike battery care is vitally important. The battery’s health has a tremendous impact on performance. The newer the battery, the longer will be the miles covered in one charge. Typically, the battery replacement cost for an electric bike is around $300 or more. To achieve the best performance of your electric bike’s battery, it is crucial to take care of it. This is high time when you must think and look for ways that can make your electric bike’s battery last longer. And that states the purpose of writing this article!
Several factors affect the performance and the range of electric bikes. Terrain, riding pattern, tire pressure, user weight, and temperature all play a major role. One major element is that all batteries deteriorate with time, whether or not they are in use. The more conscientiously you treat the battery, the further it will take you.

Most manufacturers give a warranty period specified for the battery. Electric bikes are counted as charging the battery from 0% – 100%. If the rider uses 25% of the battery’s capacity and then recharges to 100%, the rider can do this three more times before reaching one full charge cycle.


The Right Way To Charge:

You will be really surprised to know that all lithium-ion batteries begin to die immediately after they are born. No matter if they are used in mobile phones or electric bikes. There are no batteries that do not decay. Most manufacturers give a warranty period specified for the battery.
Many people charge the battery when it drops below 10 percent and charge it up to 100 percent. For better electric bike battery performance, you must not charge the battery 100 percent. It is better to charge it to 85 percent. Chargers are less expensive and last much longer. If one is considering the purchase of a second battery to keep at the office, buy a second charger instead.
The same is true for discharging. If you can avoid going all the way to zero, your battery will be much contented. Consider yourself being hungry. You never wait until you are starving and when you do eat, you never fill up to the point of not being able to eat anymore. The same is with the e-bike batteries.

E-Bike Battery

We all have better things to do than to sit and watch a battery charge just so we can pull the plug at 80 to 90 percent, so get yourself a light timer and set it for one to two hours. Most batteries will hit 80 percent within this time.
If you do have a long ride day in-store or plan to explore, do a full charge. If possible, do this as close to the ride as possible, which reduces the battery stress by not having the cells sit at full capacity for an extended period.
If you are not going to use your electric bike for a few months, then a 40 to 70 percent charge is good enough. We do not recommend you ignore your electric bike’s battery for months. To keep a note of the performance, the electric bike batteries should be checked at the start of the month. The battery should have a booster charge to return to the 40 to 70 percent range if the battery drops to 20 percent or lower.
If you have batteries that are having different voltages, then it is preferred to write the voltage on the connector of the battery and the charging connector of the charger. Before plugging in, you must make sure that you use the same charger with the same voltage as that of your battery.


Ideal Storage Conditions:

There’s no ideal day to ride an electric bike! Most spring, summer, and fall days would be good enough. But for Ideal discharging conditions, the ideal temperature for your electric bike battery to be used is around room temperature 68°F (20°C) or slightly lower.
While examining the science and data behind temperature and battery capacity, warmer temperatures will have a positive effect on your battery’s capacity, so you could get more run time from an electric bike battery with all things being equal except temperature. 
In cold weather specifically, when the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, the battery capacity is severely reduced. The condition is temporary, to a point, and once the battery temperature gets back to a more normal range its capacity will also return. 

E-Bike Battery

If temperatures are colder outside, below 32°F (0°C) then it is recommended that you keep your battery at room temperature before your ride and place it on your bike just before heading out.  Ultimately, this will be improving the bike performance. And will allow your battery to start at a warmer temperature.Heat protectant covers, also named neoprene or thermal covers, are available in every size in the market. These covers can help your battery to stay warm in cold temperatures. Using these covers is highly recommended for longer journeys in the cold.Once the battery is being used, it also generates a bit of heat itself, which will slow down the cooling from frigid outside temperatures. If it is immensely cold outside, you will notice a low performance of the battery. You must not worry because this is highly normal.  The easiest way to keep your battery cool in hot weather is to avoid keeping your electric bike in direct sunlight. Keeping your electric bike in direct sunlight will cause the reduction of the temperature of the battery by a few degrees. 


Transporting An Electric Bike Battery:

When transporting the bike on a rack, do not leave the battery on the bike—batteries don’t like being dropped. It’s not common, but a large enough bump in the road and a poor bike/battery connection can send that expensive battery bouncing down the road. This can break any one of the many soldered connections between the cells.
The bike will still perform well, but the battery will not live as long as it should. As time goes on, battery management systems and smart chargers get better and better, allowing you to be more carefree with the battery. Keep an eye on the thermometer, though. As a result, always carefully remove the battery from your e-bikes.


General Caring:

There are several tips to clean your battery. Cleaning with a direct water jet is not recommended because it can cause harm to the electronic components. Before cleaning, remove the battery. It is advised that you must clean and grease the plug terminals off and on for better working.
Similarly, the e-bike battery can explode, so it is preferred to put the battery in a fireproof box with air holes. So that if it blows up, it won’t burn a house down. If there are no air holes, the battery will combust, and the metal box would explode like a bomb.
While using a standard plastic frame pack like most electric bikes, it doesn’t do well in heavy rain or moisture. The batteries are not protected well from water and it’s not uncommon for the water to work its way inside the case and create problems. This can be mitigated by wrapping the entire battery in a large zip-lock bag and taping it shut or using silicone around the seams of the pack.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the lithium-ion batteries of today are highly reliable and can provide brilliant performance for electric bikes. Like humans, batteries do age and become less effective over time and with constant use. However, the tips above can surely help your electric bike battery to last longer and age gracefully.
The electric bike batteries can last for years and hundreds of them still provide adequate levels of performance. The only key here is treating your electric bike battery with diligence. I hope you would have benefited from this article. Feel free to leave a comment if you still have any queries regarding your electric bike batteries and their maintenance.

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