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Ebike charging for long Battery life

So, do you want your battery to last a long time? …remember that most people don’t ride an e-bike 500 times in their lifetime. It may be hard to believe, but 500 charges is the typical lifespan of an 18,650-cell e-bike battery. Also, it would take almost anyone a long time to pass 500 charges. So our first advice is don’t worry about it, ride it like you stole it. When your e-bike battery runs out, there may be some amazing technology that makes you want to replace your old, bulky battery anyway. Also, most people will damage their e-bike batteries through abuse (dropping, etc.) before they run out from natural wear and tear.

However, in theory, you can double the life expectancy of your battery by being careful when charging.

Simple rules to remember
lithium ion battery

Lithium batteries like to stay cool. If you want your battery to last a long time, don’t let it get hot, either while discharging or charging. How can I tell if the battery is getting hot? Just use the finger test, just put your finger on it. It’s ok to be warm…it’s not good to be hot to the touch, when you get hot you shorten the life of the battery.

Charge as slowly as possible

E-bike batteries prefer to charge slowly…the smaller the battery pack (measured in amp-hours), the slower the charge will be. If you’re concerned about battery life, don’t buy the highest amp charger you can find…just stick with low amp (2-3 amp) chargers, or use advanced smarts that can charge slowly or quickly as you turn A knob for the charger. Unless you’re in a hurry, slow charging is always good. (Read more about the benefits of slow charging here)

When will I be charged?

You don’t have to charge the battery after every ride…these are not old-fashioned lead acid battery packs that will shorten the life of the pack if you forget to charge…. Lithium batteries only need to be charged when needed.

Where to charge?

All large lithium batteries are a potential fire hazard and should be charged in a safe place, preferably outside or in the middle of the garage floor. Other safe ways to charge the ebike lithium battery are in a fireproof bag, oven or grill. (Read this article on safe charging) Don’t try to charge a battery you think is damaged.

Never charge a lithium battery unattended in a house or building. Manufacturers are afraid to tell you to be careful because it makes them sound like they’re afraid their batteries will catch fire. The two most important facts about ebike batteries are: buy them from a respected supplier (not Aliexpress, Chinese ebay), and… charge them with care.

For example, if you charge your e-bike with the battery on your bike and the e-bike is in the garage…put a heat and smoke detector above where you park your e-bike. Does that mean you don’t have confidence in the company that buys the battery? Doing this means you’re smart, no matter who the supplier is.

80 90 100% Premium Charger

Consider buying a smart charger that will automatically charge your battery at 80%, 90% or 100%, and only charge to 100% if you’re planning a long ride.

Chargers that do this include the Satiator and Luna Advanced Charger.

We know from research in the automotive industry that batteries will last longer if they’re not charged to 100% every time…but at the same time, you should at least charge your battery to 100% from time to time to ensure it’s “balanced”.

Watch our video about the Luna charging station pictured above.

Balance charging the e-bike bag
Balanced charging is a function controlled by a more advanced BMS (read the article on bms). What it does is that when the battery reaches its peak charge, the cells slowly balance so each parallel string is at the same exact voltage…this not only extends the range of the battery pack, but also the life expectancy. Hyundai Famous Brand The 18650 battery is very good at balancing, but should be charged to 100% occasionally to ensure proper balance is maintained.

Know Your High Voltage Shutoff Limits
Always use a charger designed for your backpack. If you use the wrong charger, you not only risk extending the life of your battery pack, you could also start a fire. Make sure the maximum voltage of the charger matches the maximum voltage of your battery pack. Below is an example of the maximum charging voltage for an 18650 battery pack. If you don’t know what your battery’s maximum voltage is, find out…and write it on the battery’s label so you never forget it.

This is an example of maximum voltage for the popular Luna Cycle 18650 battery pack

10S (36V pack) – 42V max voltage

13S (48V pack) – 54.4V max voltage

14S (52V pack) – 58.8V max voltage

Battery Charge and discharge of electric bike

1. The principle of battery charging and discharging


The principle of charging and discharging electric bicycle batteries is actually very simple:

1. The process of charging the battery of an electric bicycle: by inputting electrical energy, the lead in the battery fluid is reduced to metallic lead to store electrical energy.

2. The discharge process of the electric bicycle battery: the chemical reaction between metallic lead and electrolyte becomes ionic lead while releasing electric energy.

2. Precautions for charging electric bicycles

1. Never plug the battery of an electric bicycle into the charger for a long time. Even if it is fully charged, the charger will not stop charging the battery.


2. When charging, the battery is hot, leaking, and the battery swells and deforms. At this time, the battery has been overcharged. 75% of the battery damage is due to this reason, everyone should pay attention to it.


3. When the charger is working, the temperature is relatively high. After long-term use, the internal electronic component parameters will drift, resulting in a change in the output voltage charging suspension voltage. At this time, the charger warning light is inaccurate.


4. Charge it without going out and come back, so it’s easy to overcharge. The battery life is calculated based on the number of recharges. Even if the battery is not used up, it will count as one recharge, unless you ride more than 30 kilometers a day.


5. Estimate the remaining power of your battery according to the digital odometer on the car (this time reflects the importance of the odometer). For example, a 12AH battery runs 40 kilometers with full power, and the car has run 30 kilometers. The battery consumption is 12*30/40=9AH. If the charging current of the 12*30/40=9AH charger is 1A, theoretically it takes 9 hours to charge, considering the charging current at the end of the charge. Decrease, the maximum charging time cannot exceed 11 hours.

A few things to note

First of all, it is recommended to read the instructions and charging precautions carefully before charging. This will greatly help you how to use the electric car correctly.

Confirm that the output voltage of the charger matches the battery and the polarity is the same.

Charging should be done in a ventilated place indoors. If it is exposed to direct sunlight, it is best to cover it upside down and not charge upside down.


What is the general service life of electric vehicle batteries?

For users whose daily traffic distance is less than 30 kilometers, if the motor, controller, charger and other factors are good, and the method of use is not improper, the minimum service time of a group of better electric bicycle batteries should reach more than 1 year. It can be guaranteed.


If the maintenance is a little careful, it can usually take 1 and a half to 2 years; if you add a maintainable technical solution, the time can be extended through professional maintenance, and even a battery life of a set of electric vehicles can reach 3 years. possible.

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